As experts in the EHS space, we make you aware of the regulations your corporation must comply with.

No matter what industry you work in, and how complicated your processes are, our industry experts conduct a thorough compliance assessment as a first step, and then lay out a work plan to comply with the regulations that apply to you.

Advanced Matrix, Inc.

Here at Advanced Matrix, Inc., we are dedicated to you and all your different EHS needs.

One reason for our company’s success is that we fully understand our clients' work practices, processes and priorities. Our staff is very knowledgeable of several industrial processes that include petroleum refineries, foundries, metal finishing and plating, thermoplastics, agricultural chemicals, food processing, refractories, ceramics, boat building, automotive, paper mills, power plants, medical centers and R&D facilities.. 


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We take a task-based approach in managing our projects.  Every project is broken down into several tasks - large sized projects have more tasks, while smaller projects have a lesser number. Each task is managed as an individual project, and therefore gets all the attention and the scrutiny. Each task in then put-together to form the final product. The entire process takes place under the careful supervision of a Project Manager or a Project Director, who ensures that individual tasks are carried out to meet the overall project goal.